Miso & Soy Sauce Factory Kamada Jozojo Co. Ltd. [Official]

Tradition and craftsmanship nurtured
from the embrace of the “Kumagawa River”.

Creating flavors making the most out of nature

Maintained since our foundation…
Commitment to “Homemade Natural Moromi”

“Natural Moromi” is the life force of soy sauce since the old days
We pride ourselves as the only brewery maintaining this method in this region,
focusing on brewing authentic miso and soy sauce,
In response to the never-ending needs of our local customers,
We will continue to develop creatively rich products that can respond beyond their expectations.

Our proud product raised by tradition and blessed by nature

Kamada’s Umaka Soy Souce and Gozen Soy Sauce are made
using the finest quality bonitos and kombu.
It goes satisfyingly well with tofu, sashimi, horse meat sashimi,
raw egg on rice, etc.
The most popular product from our factory is “Yama no Sachi Umi no Sachi”,
which is a tsukudani with jelly ear mushrooms and seaweed.

Product List

The Making of Miso / Soy Sauce

Kyushu’s Little Kyoto, Hitoyoshi City.
An “Eel bedding” like factory
with a depth that is unique to castle towns

  • The popular factory tourThe popular factory tour
  • Sampling is available for tea, miso pickles, tsukudani etc.Sampling is available for tea, miso pickles,
    tsukudani etc.

Enjoy the Taisho Romanticism era architecture.Enjoy the Taisho Romanticism era architecture.

Factory tour

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